prod. is a podcast (in French) about digital product development in Québec.

In it, I interview tech professionals and help them share their best practices, learnings and insights to the benefit of the larger community.


Like anything, most projects start from a need. I had been involved in the Montreal startup community for some time and felt that it lacked a space where product people could talk about their work, in depth.

I also wanted this project to be a space where product development would be treated as a craft and where professionals could share their learnings, insights and best practices.


I wanted prod. to have a strong visual identity and to own most of the publishing and monetization channels.

I quickly realized that most tools for podcasters were not well suited for those goals. They tended to be all-in-one platforms that expected you to manage everything through them. They also tended to do a poor website templates. As a result, I built most of the assets from scratch.

Promotion, distribution and monetization - core parts of audience building activities - were (and still are) broken, which is what inspired me to launch L’Ampli. The first product being a remote recording solution, Tincan.

Next steps